Serbian male voice over for commercial

Serbian voice over for TV commercials. I’m Aleksandar, male voiceover artist with broadcast studio in Serbia. Commercial voice over is always big challenge. It doesn’t matter if it is tv commercial, internet video – online commercial, paid to be promoted ads, or even explainer video narration.

Voiceover for Commercials

I’m Serbian voice talent with over 17 years of experience. VO delivery should be powerfull, friendly or conversational but always clear and understood. General Serbian neutral accent voiceover. If you need serbian commercial voiceovers for Regional, National, International campaign in Serbia, just contact me.

Serbian commercial voice over, essential Oil Oregano

My Serbian voice overs for your project

In the past few years, the successful cooperation was established with productions from the region of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Montenegro for TV commercial VO adaptation into Serbian language. Find professional Serbian male voice over demoreel samples. TV commercials in one video mix ( whatever you need Serbian movie trailer voice over style or smooth & emotional voice over style or maybe character voice for your tv commercial )

Serbian voiceover, emotional, confident. Serbian VO for instagram video story LWW

Serbian voice over, medical spokesperson doctor

Conversational voiceover sample. Serbian voice over real person for online video course Serbian Friendly voice over for commercials. Calm voice over for commercial. Serbian VO for medical supplement